Target and superquiz, Monday, August 3

Today’s Target: 12 words, good; 18 words, very good; 24 words, excellent.

Saturday’s Target: able, abler, ably, albeit, alert, alit, alive, alter, aril, artily, aryl, bail, bailer, bailey, bale, baler, barely, barley, belay, belt, beryl, bile, blare, blear, bleary, bleat, bravely, earl, early, evil, irately, lair, laity, late, later, lave, layer, levity, levy, liar, liber, liberty, libra, lira, lire, lite, litre, live, liver, livery, lyre, rail, real, reality, realty, relay, rely, retail, rial, rile, riyal, table, tail, tale, teal, tile, tiler, trail, trebly, trial, tribal, trilby, vale, valet, veal, veil, vela, velar, verbal, verily, VERITABLY, viable, viably, vial, vile, viler, viral, vital, yale

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