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Conservative MP under fire for tweet with anti-Semitic undertones

Anti-hate groups and Jewish associations say a now-deleted tweet from long-time Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay spread potentially dangerous anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Over the weekend Findlay retweeted a video clip of a 2009 interview that then-journalist Chrystia Freeland conducted with billionaire investor, George Soros, for the Financial Times.

Findlay commented in her retweet that “the closeness of these two should alarm every Canadian,” a sentiment that was then retweeted by fellow Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre.

The tweet was seen by many as a far-right dog whistle.

“She was actually retweeting one of the hard-right conspiracy theorists, who has these dark anti-Semitic images of George Soros,” Bernie Farber, of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, explaine...

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Canadian clinical trial looks to acai berries in hopes of preventing severe cases of COVID-19

TORONTO — In the search for new drugs to fight the novel coronavirus, Canadian researchers have turned their attention to a popular super fruit.

Researchers at the University of Toronto have begun a clinical trial testing whether an early intervention of acai palm berry extract can help prevent severe complications caused by inflammation in patients with COVID-19 thanks to its proposed anti-inflammatory benefits.

“In a sense, it’s a Hail Mary,” Dr. Michael Farkouh, lead researcher and director of the Peter Munk Centre of Excellence in Multinational Clinical Trials, part of the University Health Network, told CTV News.

“But because of the easy accessibility to the berries, to the extract, that it’s safe and cheap, it’s really worth a shot.”

Acai berries have been widely promoted...

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Ventilation, not class size, is the big issue for school boards, experts say

TORONTO — As we creep closer to the reopening of schools across the country, experts are pointing out that ventilation within schools is an under-discussed issue in a COVID-19 world.

In order to try to ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff, many school boards are minimizing class sizes and staggering when cohorts take lessons in order to keep students within a smaller bubble. Depending on the age of students and the region, the wearing of cloth masks is also either required or recommended.

But these measures alone fail to address the major infrastructure problem that plagues many schools still: ventilation.

Colin Furness, an infection control epidemiologist, told CTV News Channel that there is no magic number for how big class sizes should be, because it depends on the den...

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Protester killed in Portland as mayor, Trump trade blame

PORTLAND, ORE. — A man who was fatally shot after supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump clashed with left-wing protesters on the streets of Portland, Oregon, was a supporter of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, its founder said Sunday.

Joey Gibson, head of the group based in Washington state, told The Associated Press the man who was shot to death Saturday night was a “good friend,” although he did not identify him.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler blamed each other for the violence. Trump called Wheeler a “fool” on Twitter and said to “Bring in the National Guard!” while Wheeler blamed Trump for creating such a toxic environment.

“It’s you who have created the hate and the division,” the Democratic mayor said of Trump...

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Plane makes emergency landing next to major Toronto-area highway

TORONTO — A small plane made an emergency landing just outside Buttonville Airport in Markham, Ont. Sunday afternoon after it experienced an engine failure during takeoff, police say.

Emergency crews were called to an area near Highway 404 and 16th Avenue shortly before 2 p.m.

Police say a flight instructor and a student were onboard the four-seater plane.

The plane was just taking off when it reported engine failure, police say.

It was forced to land on the north side of 16th Avenue, just east of Highway 404.

Police say the plane suffered extensive damage.

Both occupants went to hospital as a precaution. Transport Canada has been notified.

16th Avenue is closed from Highway 404 to Woodbine Avenue.

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Canada’s active COVID-19 case number is rising shortly before most schools reopen

TORONTO — For any Canadians who spent the summer ignoring news about the novel coronavirus, now might be a good time to pay attention.

In the past two weeks, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba have all set or come close to new daily records for the highest number of new COVID-19 cases reported in each province. On Saturday, both Ontario and Quebec recorded their largest daily figures in a month or more.

In other words, all of Canada’s five most populous provinces are being reminded that COVID-19 is still a threat – even though this is the time of year when viral diseases are least likely to be active.

“Respiratory viruses should not be circulating at all in July and August...

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Tories call on WE to release documents requested by parliamentary committee

OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives are calling on WE Charity to release a series of documents the Toronto-based youth organization promised to hand over to a House of Commons committee before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament.

The request is contained in a letter sent today by Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre and ethics critic Michael Barrett to WE co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger.

It represents the Tories’ latest effort to dig into the government’s decision to have WE run a multimillion-dollar student-volunteer program since Trudeau temporarily suspended several committee investigations by proroguing Parliament on Aug. 18.

WE backed out of running the Canada Student Services Grant a few weeks after it was launched, citing political controversy, and t...

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Seven Toronto police officers injured, four hospitalized, after incident near demonstration

TORONTO — Two people were arrested and four police officers were taken to hospital following an altercation in Toronto on Saturday night.

Police said they responded to an incident just before 8 p.m. in the area of Oakwood Avenue and Eglinton Avenue West, where people had gathered for a rally in support of Black-owned businesses affected by the construction of the Crosstown LRT and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Individuals were there having a peaceful protest and officers were there to assist the public and also to ensure the safety of the protesters,” Constable Edward Parks with the Toronto police told CP24.

According to police, a man walked into the intersection and jumped on a car that was not involved in the protest.

“Officers went out to engage that individual at which time that ind...

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1 dead after Trump supporters, protesters clash in Portland

PORTLAND, ORE. — One person was shot and killed in Portland, Oregon, as a large caravan of U.S. President Donald Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters clashed in the streets, police said.

It wasn’t clear if the shooting late Saturday was linked to fights that broke out as a caravan of about 600 vehicles was confronted by counterdemonstrators in the city’s downtown.

Police said the caravan had left the area around 8:30 p.m., and officers heard gunshots around 15 minutes later, according to a statement. Officers arrived at the shooting scene “within a minute,” police said, but the man who was shot did not survive.

An Associated Press freelance photographer heard three gunshots and then observed police medics attending to the victim, who appeared to be a white man...

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