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Celtic’s Neil Lennon: how a hothead player found emotional intelligence as a manager

Once he was unpredictable and volatile, easy for opposing fans to wind up and quick to lose his temper on the pitch. These days, as Celtic’s manager, Neil Lennon is a much calmer, mellower figure who seems more comfortable in his own skin.

Crucially, he’s a man who’s developed emotional intelligence in a profession where other managers refuse – or perhaps feel unable – to do the same. But as another highly competitive Premiership kicks off in Scotland, embracing emotional intelligence may be the smart move for managers seeking to motivate expensive players and propel their teams to success.

What is emotional intelligence (EI) and why does it matter in football? It can be understood as a person’s capacity to recognise and manage their own and others’ emotions...

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National COVID-19 exposure notification app now available to download

OTTAWA — The federal government-backed exposure notification smartphone app has launched, marking the beginning of a new frontier in the coronavirus fight: alerting participating Canadians when they come in proximity to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

The app—called COVID Alert— will compile anonymized data and use reports from confirmed positive COVID-19 cases to notify Canadians when they’ve been in proximity to someone who has the virus.

While the initial rollout is just underway in Ontario, Canadians across the country are able, and are being encouraged to download the app in anticipation of more provincial and territorial health authorities signing on to use the new software...

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Experts urge last-minute arrivals to isolate to prevent virus spread

Queensland University of Technology public health expert Gerard Fitzgerald said that cohort was a potential outbreak risk.

“Of course you can’t just suddenly close the border — you have to give people reasonable notice — but it does create a risk because people have been exposed and they’ll come in without having to go into any sort of quarantine,” Professor Fitzgerald said.

“It’s not a high risk because the numbers in NSW are still reasonably low but they’re still growing.”

Professor Fitzgerald said the example of a Queensland couple who self-isolated voluntarily after returning from an area that was later declared a hot spot, before testing positive for COVID-19, should be held up as the gold standard of preventing the spread of the disease.

“Anyone who is coming i...

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Microplastics: tiny crustaceans can fragment them into even smaller nanoplastics

Microplastics are widespread in seas and oceans, and their harmful effects on many different marine animals are well known. However, we know relatively little about the microplastics in our freshwater rivers, streams and lakes. We still don’t know exactly where they come from, where they end up – and crucially – what damage they can cause if they get into food chains.

Until now, plastic fragmentation had largely been attributed to processes such as sunlight or wave action, which can take years or decades. But it turns out a tiny shrimp-like creature can do the same job much faster.

I am a researcher who specialises in microplastics in the environment...

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Bail hearing delayed again for man accused in Rideau Hall gate-ramming

OTTAWA — The man accused of ramming through a gate at Rideau Hall while heavily armed is staying in an Ontario jail for another three weeks.

Corey Hurren was arrested July 2 and has not yet had a bail hearing.

He had a brief appearance in an Ottawa court this morning, only to have Aug. 21 set as the date for his next appearance.

The Manitoba military reservist and sausage-maker faces 21 weapons charges and one of threatening Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Police say Hurren broke through a side gate early in the morning the day after Canada Day and made his way toward the residence where Trudeau and his family have been living.

Neither the Trudeaus nor Gov. Gen. Julie Payette were on the grounds at the time.

Police say they were able to talk Hurren down and arrested him peacefully a...

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Duty of care: COVID-19’s deadly progress through our aged homes

“It’s terrifying,” Mcqueen says. “They are dying here, they are not dying in hospital.”

Cheryl Mcqueen, a resident of Arcare in Craigieburn, worries she is a sitting duck for COVID-19.

Cheryl Mcqueen, a resident of Arcare in Craigieburn, worries she is a sitting duck for COVID-19.

Mcqueen has been isolated in her room since July 12.

“It feels like solitary confinement. Originally we were told a fortnight but while they are still discovering more cases there is no end in sight – we could be locked in our rooms until Christmas. My window looks onto an empty courtyard, not even onto the street so I could see if there were still human beings out there.”

Mcqueen says the regular staff at Arcare are “beautiful – they would bend over backwards for you”. But agency staff have replaced many of the regulars who have become sick.

She says that once she wasn’t showered fo...

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Coronavirus vaccine: lessons from the 19th-century smallpox anti-vaxxer movement

There is hope a coronavirus vaccine might be ready by the end of the year. But for it to eliminate COVID-19 a critical mass of people must be vaccinated. And if the protective benefits of a COVID-19 vaccine fall off rapidly (as seems to happen with naturally acquired antibodies) maintaining immunity will require multiple vaccinations. So unless people keep renewing their jabs, the critical mass will decline quickly.

How will politicians ensure critical mass and renewal? For UK prime minister Boris Johnson (who labels those who oppose vaccination as “nuts”) and others, vaccination is a matter of duty. There is a logical case (we know people who have died or suffered badly from COVID-19) and a moral case (to protect others if not yourself).

Yet anti-vaccination sentiment focused on the...

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Economy grew 4.5 per cent in May after severe lockdowns: Statistics Canada

OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says the economy grew by 4.5 per cent in May as businesses began to reopen after severe lockdowns of March and April.

The average economist estimate was for a 3.5 per cent increase in gross domestic product for May, according to financial data firm Refinitiv.

The national data agency says rebounds in May were seen across multiple industries with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, including retail trade that registered a 16.4 per cent bump to mark its largest monthly increase since comparable readings began in 1961.


Motor vehicle and car sales contributed the most to the retail growth. Statistics Canada says the sector would have grown by 11.4 per cent had they been excluded from calculations.

In a preliminary estimate for June, the agency says the econ...

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آن را به عنوان اتفاق افتاده است: ویکتوریا سوابق 627 جدید COVID-19 نفر از هشت مرگ و میر به عنوان سالخورده مراقبت از بحران همچنان ادامه دارد; QLD, مرز, نزدیک به بیشتر سیدنی استرالیا به عنوان تلفات جهش به 196

در اینجا که در آن ما را ترک همه چیز امشب. آن شده است یک روز کامل اخبار – از این رو دلیل ما برای اجرای این وبلاگ کمی بعد امشب.

The last of the residents from St Basil's Home for the Aged in Melbourne's north are evacuated to hospitals on Friday.

آخرین ساکنان از سنت بازیل خانه برای سالمندان در ملبورن شمالی در حال تخلیه به بیمارستان در روز جمعه.اعتبار:جاستین McManus

آنچه اتفاق افتاده در سراسر کشور امروز:

این است Rachael Dexter امضای کردن.

مثل همیشه اگر شما درک ما COVID-19 پوشش و خواننده مشتاق از این وبلاگ لطفا در نظر گرفتن یک اشتراک به عصر یا صبح سیدنی هرالد به حمایت از آنچه که ما انجام ...

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ضعیف دانش آموزان اقلیت در مدارس ویران صورت خطرات اضافه شده میان صحبت از بازگشایی کلاس های درس

کلاس های درس و سالن های ورزشی و سالن های غذاخوری در مدارس در سراسر ایالات متحده را خالی باقی مانده برای سال در حال حاضر. و با وجود برخی از مناطق شروع به بازگشایی بسیاری دیگر بسته باقی خواهد ماند که نگرانی از موعد مقرر شروع مجدد کلاس های حضوری می تواند هزینه زندگی بیشتر در این بیماری همه گیر.

محلی و ایالتی و فدرال مقامات مجادله بر سر چگونگی ایجاد مدارس امن و با نگرانی چگونه به اندازه کافی ضد عفونی کردن و تهویه مدارس...

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